We know building new digital products isn’t easy, which is why we are here to support the development of your digital product from start to finish.

Our process includes:

Product Concepting

Our goal is to efficiently create a product that best meets your users needs. This phase of the process will allow us to better understand those needs and determine which capabilities and features need to be included and prioritized for an MVP.

User Experience & Design

Once we’ve laid the foundation and identified our product concept, our UX design experts will determine how clients can optimally interact with your product through great design. Your feedback, as well as user test feedback, will be vital in this step of the process.

Technology Development

Our engineering team will build the product through iterative sprints, which is determined by the prioritization previously determined in the product concepting phase. This focus of this phase is to create the product with optimal functionality and truly bring the product to life.

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Kidfolio is an app that helps parents facilitate financial savings and investments for their children through connections with friends and family.

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A personal finance app designed to help you save and spend mindfully, Kakebo adopts simple and effective century-old Japanese principles that are still used today and transforms them into a digital solution encouraging you to learn your spending habits, save for what’s important to you and regain control of your finances.

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